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YPSILON® is a yield prediction service for key growing areas in Europe. It is based on the latest satellite imagery and plant growth modelling. Weekly updates of the predicted yield for wheat, rapeseed and maize are delivered from 8 weeks before harvest.

Input Data

Among others, satellite imagery, weather data, soil, topography, and agricultural statistics are used for yield forecasting


In order to deliver relevant and up-to-date forecasts, cutting edge cloud technologies are implemented in the remote sensing processing chain

Yield Forecast

Up to date satellite images and weather data are integrated into a physical crop growth model for yield prediction in tons per hectare

The main target group for the European YPSILON® service are traders and trading companies, whereas the German service as well as the custom service, with an individually selectable region, are of special interest for mills, regional trading companies, seed growing companies, biogas plant operators or agro holdings. Detailed information can be found in our product sheet

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Ypsilon helps us to identify deviations in advance and thus enables us to react in good time. Storage capacities and logistics are adjusted which leads to an optimization of our production chains Elisabeth Becker
By using Ypsilon’s yield forecast we identified 2018's crop failure six weeks before the rest of the market. Ypsilon helped reducing our purchasing costs significantly! CEFETRA

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  • 19 EU countries
  • wheat
  • rapeseed
  • maize
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  • states/districts
  • wheat
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  • 19 EU countries
  • wheat
  • rapeseed
  • maize
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  • Custom region
  • wheat
  • rapeseed
  • barley
  • maize
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Start of season 2020

On May 18th, YPSILON® starts into its first Europe-wide season! Find the press release here

Back-tests for three years successfully completed

VISTA successfully completed three years of tests for 19 European countries and the years 2017 to 2019. The YPSILON model forecasted both crop failures and record yields about 2-4 weeks earlier than the average market estimate! For further details see our product sheet or contact us

Ypsilon product video 2020

Take a look at our new product video and get more information. Just click here to watch it

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YPSILON at Global Grain 2019

YPSILON was represented by Cefetra on Global Grain. November 12-14, 2019 in Geneva.


YPSILON was represented by VISTA at AGRITECHNICA from November 10 – 16, 2019 in Hannover. “Acre of Knowledge"

YPSILON at European Commodities Exchange 2019

YPSILON was represented at European Commodities Exchange from October 17-18, 2019 in Vienna.

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YPSILON Press Release 2020 - German

Ypsilon Product Sheet 2020